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The Doc­tor Peter Ca­paldi

The Malus Alan Rick­man

Miss y Michelle Gomez One word: Va­le­yard. Si Wright I would love to see Fifth Doc­tor era mon­ster The Malus re­turn. I think Who is do­ing dark­ness and gothic hor­ror bet­ter than it has since the Hinch­cliffe era, so a mon­ster like that would be per­fect. Jamie M Davis

An­other Ice War­rior story, but make their voices less like the Ju­doon and more like clas­sic Ice War­riors. Cliff Chap­man

Make the show about the Doc­tor again not the com­pan­ion. For too long now it ’s been the other way around. Ca­paldi has been bril­liant this sea­son but Mof­fat has made it the Clara show. Neil Perry

Bring back Jamie Mathieson as a writer. His episodes were among the best this sea­son. Kirsty Leanne

Some clas­sic mon­sters: the Sea Devils, Yeti, Ro­bots of Death, Ax­ons, more Au­tons with creepy dolls and peo­ple- eat­ing so­fas. Or how about the mag­gots for a real fan pleaser? Mark Cor­dory

The re­turn of a clas­sic com­pan­ion for a two- parter – Su­san, Te­gan, Peri or Ace. Neil Mal­colm

I hope Clara re­turns. Jenna Cole­man has given the best per­for­mance of any com­pan­ion in the show’s 50- year run this se­ries. It ’s al­most like peo­ple want rid of her be­cause she’s TOO good. Paul Kirkley

I would love to see the Doc­tor take on the Sea Devils. Rus­sell Gar­land

The Doc­tor straight­ens out the Bri­tish gov­ern­ment, be­ing help­ful but us­ing ex­treme lan­guage. I call the episode “Spin Doc­tor Who”. Pound Shop God­fa­ther

As it ’s the 10th an­niver­sary of New Who, do catch ups on char­ac­ters such as Mickey and Martha. Don’t have to ap­pear, just a men­tion. Catch up with the Sarah Jane kids and Mr Smith. Jonathan Mad­den

I would like a story that al­lowed Sean Per­twee to play his Dad’s role. Michael Wear­ing

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