“if Peggy Carter had her own film, I would be 100% on board”

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Ex­plor­ing those mo­ments of vul­ner­a­bil­ity is an­other hugely sat­is­fy­ing as­pect of the se­ries for Atwell. “What makes her stand alone is that she doesn’t have any su­per­pow­ers. She’s an ex­cep­tional spy and code breaker. She has a lot of mil­i­tary train­ing from her ex­pe­ri­ence in the war. Her in­tel­li­gence is that she has to use her en­vi­ron­ment and the props around her to coun­ter­act her enemies. She’s trained in com­bat and ar­tillery train­ing to es­cape sit­u­a­tions but there’s also her blind courage. But that also means she can’t re­ally get close to any­one.

“We also see there’s a cost for be­ing so strong. And that’s ex­cit­ing for me as an ac­tor be­cause I get to show dif­fer­ent sides to her. I think I’ve cried about four times al­ready as Peggy. You see her break down be­cause of frus­tra­tions at work, from Steve or be­ing mis­un­der­stood. Plus a very big thing will be re­vealed to her and she feels an el­e­ment of be­trayal that so af­fects her core she goes on a ram­page. It’s what makes this se­ries so spe­cial and pow­er­ful. We get to see she’s not al­ways strong, be­cause no one is. She is very hu­man and un­der­neath the sur­face of some­one with that Bri­tish re­serve, she’s pad­dling like crazy all the time. It has to be re­leased some­where for it to be real oth­er­wise peo­ple will see her as a robot.”

Atwell says she’s grate­ful that her showrun­ners, Tara But­ters, Michele Fazekas and Chris Markus, share her de­sire to re­veal th­ese dif­fer­ent facets of Peggy. “Tara and Michelle are two pow­er­house women who are very funny and very sharp,” Atwell en­thuses. “To have them as showrun­ners feels like women are well- rep­re­sented here. Fans will also see strong char­ac­ters in Angie Martinelli ( Lyn­dsy Fonseca), who is my friend and room­mate and a cou­ple of other char­ac­ters who are fan­tas­tic women, in­clud­ing Carter’s land­lady ( Meghan Frye) and Dot­tie ( Brid­get Re­gan).” Sounds like Agent Carter will be pow­ered by a strong fe­male en­sem­ble, still a com­par­a­tive rar­ity in to­day’s TV land­scape. “Fun­nily enough, on so­cial me­dia there were still some com­ments like ‘ It’s still such a man’s world’ and ‘ There are only a few women in a whole cast of men and I thought it would be dif­fer­ent show!’” SFX senses Atwell bris­tle. “What they don’t know is the num­ber of fe­male crew that we have. In a scene yes­ter­day, there were 17 peo­ple in this one of­fice scene with cast and crew. For some rea­son, I counted and there were 10 men and seven women who were in re­ally strong po­si­tions in the crew. There are a lot of women run­ning this show and we are well rep­re­sented and I think we will grow. We’ve got a fe­male hero and that’s a quiet revo­lu­tion in Hol­ly­wood which will hope­fully en­cour­age other women to step for­ward in es­sen­tial roles.”

Atwell also hopes a Marvel TV show fo­cused on a fe­male char­ac­ter might im­pact, gen­der- wise, on the stu­dio’s big screen strat­egy. “What’s great about the tele­vi­sion show is that it’s es­sen­tially four films of screen time. It also gives me a chance to have a stronger arc for the char­ac­ter. I do think it’s go­ing to start the ball rolling on hav­ing other roles for women in the Marvel Uni­verse, even though they have strong fe­males al­ready with Black Widow and Pep­per Potts. I wouldn’t be sur­prised if more came along and had their own fea­tures. And if Peggy Carter was in­vited to have her own film, I would be 100% on board with that be­cause it’s a much needed and sup­ported idea.”

Marvel is al­ready com­mit­ted to plac­ing Peggy in up­com­ing movie ad­ven­tures Ant- Man

Agent Carter.

Atwell man­aged to sneak Peggy in to Agents Of SHIELD. Peggy turns up the noir style in

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