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Au­di­ences know Peggy Carter from the movies. How did bring­ing her to TV dif­fer from the devel­op­ment of Agents Of SHIELD? There were a lot chefs but in this case I think it helped bring to­gether an ex­tra­or­di­nary story and dia­logue. And be­cause it’s an eight- part se­ries, you could tell a story with a be­gin­ning, mid­dle and an end. It’s very dif­fer­ent when you’re look­ing down the tun­nel of 22 episodes which is a stan­dard broad­cast win­dow.

Does this show in­te­grate with the wider Marvel uni­verse or is it an­other One- Shot? Both and nei­ther. As we have of­ten said, it’s all con­nected. We’re telling a story in that world if the stu­dio was in­volved or not. It’s a big boon for our fans but at the same to­ken Agent Carter needs to be, and is, a tele­vi­sion se­ries that if you have never seen any­thing by Marvel – and we know there are two or three peo­ple in Bor­neo that haven’t – then you still un­der­stand it and en­joy it.

Are you con­fi­dent there’ll be a sec­ond se­ries? At the end of the day, it’s the net­work’s de­ci­sion of whether they want to con­tinue and it will be made in con­junc­tion with how big of an au­di­ence we have. Cre­atively in terms of the writ­ing staff, our showrun­ners and our ex­tra­or­di­nary cast, we’d be happy to do two more or 100 more.

Peggy has an epic life. Are you com­mited to the ’ 40s/’ 50s set­ting or will you jump decades? It’s a re­ally smart ques­tion. The short an­swer is yes, we’ve talked about try­ing to fig­ure out if the next one would take place next day or years later.

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