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Thanos will likely com­plete his search for the In­fin­ity Gems here, mean­ing trou­ble for the whole Marvel Uni­verse…

The first two- part saga from Marvel Stu­dios has a tremen­dous amount of set- up to pay off, and will un­doubt­edly riff heav­ily on the 1991 minis­eries The In­fin­ity Gaunt­let and its se­quel The In­fin­ity War, as well as 2013’ s epic Thanos- cen­tric event In­fin­ity. Cur­rent ru­mours sug­gest Downey Jr may be the only mem­ber of the es­tab­lished Avengers line- up present here, and that this film may see him re­cruit­ing an all- new band of he­roes to face Thanos. With Joss Whe­don likely to move on from Marvel af­ter Age Of Ul­tron, the favourite di­rec­to­rial choices are Cap­tain Amer­ica 2 and 3 helmers the Russo Broth­ers, and this could be the start of an amaz­ing block­buster adventure – as long as they can make Thanos truly scary, and not just a strange pur­ple bloke sit­ting in a space- chair.

Am­bi­tious air­force pi­lot Carol Dan­vers is caught in an ex­plo­sion with one of the alien Kree and in­her­its its pow­ers, be­com­ing the su­per­hu­man Cap­tain Marvel…

Dan­vers first ap­peared in 1968 and gained su­per­pow­ers as Ms Marvel in 1977, but some of her his­tory shows the dodgier side of su­per­hero gen­der pol­i­tics – we still shud­der at the in­fa­mous “Rape Of Ms Marvel” plot­line in 1980. She fi­nally ditched the Ms Marvel tag and be­came Cap­tain Marvel in 2012, and Kelly Sue DeCon­nick’s ac­claimed run since then is sure to be the main in­spi­ra­tion, par­tic­u­larly Avengers cross­over story “The En­emy Within”. Dan­vers’ cur­rent ap­pear­ances in the Guardians comic also sug­gest that an even­tual on­screen team- up may not be out of the ques­tion. As for cast­ing, fan- favourite choice Ka­tee Sack­hoff may be a long shot but Emily Blunt would be po­ten­tially bril­liant.

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