Just Say “Woah!”

Five more drugs with in­cred­i­ble ef­fects

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CAN- D The Three Stig­mata Of Palmer El­dritch

In Philip K Dick’s 1965 novel, colonists on Mars es­cape their bor­ing lives by chew­ing this “trans­la­tion drug”, which comes in gum form. Used with Bar­bie- like dolls, it al­lows users to men­tally iden­tify with “Perky Pat” and boyfriend Walt, and en­ter their idealised world: happy plas­tic, it’s fan­tas­tic! DUST Baby­lon 5

Orig­i­nally cre­ated by the Psi Corps to pro­duce hu­man telepaths, dust ac­cel­er­ates neu­ral pro­cess­ing 10 times, and stim­u­lates the gene for tele­pathic abil­ity. A dust user can also ex­pe­ri­ence some­one else’s mem­o­ries, in a kind of men­tal rape. MELANGE Dune

Found only on desert world Ar­rakis, this spice can not only ex­tend life­span and in­crease vi­tal­ity, but al­lows freighter pi­lots to travel vast dis­tances by en­ter­ing a “nav­i­ga­tion trance”. Don’t try snort­ing cin­na­mon to do the com­mute home quicker; trust us, it doesn’t work. NZT- 48 Lim­it­less

Lucy m ay i nspire d éjà v u i f you’ve seen this 2011 thriller, in which Bradley Cooper’s au­thor takes a smart drug to beat writer’s block. Brain boosted, he not only fin­ishes his novel but gets kick- ass fight­ing skills and makes a for­tune on the stock mar­ket. SLO- MO Dredd

In­hal­ing this caramel­coloured liq­uid af­fects your per­cep­tion of re­al­ity, so that ev­ery­thing seems to be mov­ing at 1% of the speed it usu­ally does – and not in the rub­bish Sun­day- af­ter­noon­watch­ing- Bar­gain Hunt way.

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