Drink­ing game

Take a swig of your Ro­mu­lan ale ev­ery time…

SFX - - DVD & Blu-Ray -

Some­one gives a speech about evo­lu­tion. Halle Berry runs from an en­emy in stupidly high heels. Go­ran Višn­jic wears a new ghastly cardi­gan. Halle Berry has to wipe her ridicu­lous fringe out of her eyes. Some­body re­veals they have ar­ti­fi­cial limbs. Ethan “hu­mor­ously” mis­un­der­stands hu­man traits. Halle Berry says, “It’s my BABY!” Go­ran Višn­jic says, “He’s our SON!” Some­body dead pops up for a cameo.

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