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Re­lease Date: 5 Jan­uary

2014 | 18 | DVD Jeep­ers Creep­ers direc­tor Vic­tor Salva’s lat­est fol­lows Nick ( Luke Klein­tank), a guy who can tell if you’re go­ing to die a vi­o­lent death sim­ply by touch­ing you, a power which may be in­her­ited. That’s just one el­e­ment of a plot which also en­com­passes a house that can move about of its own ac­cord, a holy war be­tween demons and an­gels, and a bunch of lum­ber­ing, axe- wield­ing ma­ni­acs led by Saw’s Jig­saw, Tobin Bell. When so many di­rect- to- video movies are lack­ing in any ideas it may seem churl­ish to chide one for hav­ing too many, but there’s sim­ply too much go­ing on in Dark House for it to have any hope of achiev­ing co­her­ence.

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