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Pub­lisher: Im­age Writer: Joshua Wil­liamson Artist: An­drei Bres­san


moves fire- fast and barely stops to catch dragon- breath. Our hero, Mikey, is in­tro­duced as a lit­tle boy run­ning into the woods, play­ing catch with his dad. Mikey doesn’t re­turn, and is de­clared miss­ing. A search is mounted, and his dad’s ac­cused of mur­der­ing his son, which leads to the col­lapse of his mar­riage. For a lot of books, that would be enough to fill an is­sue. Here, it’s the first five pages.

The next time we see Mikey, a year’s passed. Only, he’s not a lit­tle boy. He’s a fully- grown war­rior, sit­ting in a po­lice sta­tion cov­ered in bad- ass ar­mour, look­ing like Co­nan via Jon Snow. Turns out Mikey ran face- first into a fan­tasy world full of magic, dragons and mon­sters. Time passed dif­fer­ently there, so he’s now an adult while his fam­ily have barely aged. He’s back to save the world ( or is he?). But first, he has to con­vince his par­ents he’s the lit­tle boy they lost…

And that’s only the be­gin­ning. Joshua Wil­liamson has cre­ated a rich world, full of de­tail and won­der. The nar­ra­tive shifts be­tween present re­al­ity and Mikey’s past ad­ven­tures, re­sult­ing in evoca­tive drama on one page fol­lowed by epic ac­tion on the next. Each re­al­ity is com­pelling, and beau­ti­fully ren­dered by artist An­drei Bres­san.

If Birthright keeps up this pace, it’ll be the best book Im­age has put out since Saga. It’s not fan­tasy to sug­gest you’ll be hear­ing a lot more about this one. Sam Ashurst Birthright is a comic packed with de­tail. Look closely through is­sue one for cameos by Co­nan, Wil­low and He- Man. Mor­ri­son’s Si­na­toro – orig­i­nally writ­ten as a movie screen­play – is be­ing adapted into a comic. Is­sue one’s due in April.

If you go down to the woods to­day…

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