World Of War­craft: War­lords Of Draenor

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Or­cward en­coun­ters

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War­lords Of

Draenor is Bl­iz­zard go­ing back to its roots, if hardly back to ba­sics. Orcs. Hu­mans. The raw power of the Horde, in a land of blood and fire. It’s also some of the best MMO con­tent Bl­iz­zard has ever made, com­bin­ing the raw am­bi­tion we saw ex­hib­ited in pre­vi­ous ex­pan­sion Wrath Of The Lich King with the ex­per­tise earned from an­other six years of prac­tice, re­fine­ment and tech­no­log­i­cal progress.

You’re now of­fi­cially one of Aze­roth’s heavy- hit­ters; where once some ran­dom guard in a nowhere out­post could have you go get him lunch, now you’re given proper re­spect wher­ever you go. You have full con­trol of your fac­tion’s main gar­ri­son. The whole gar­ri­son sys­tem is sim­ple but ef­fec­tive, the phys­i­cal pres­ence of re­cruited fol­low­ers and the gen­eral sense of life mak­ing it feel like your own place, de­spite ev­ery­one us­ing the same in­stanced map.

It’s still re­as­sur­ingly World Of War­craft at its core. There are bear asses to col­lect and ten of th­ese to kill fol­lowed by twenty of those, and noth­ing you en­counter is go­ing to cause any real trou­ble. But if Pan­daria felt a bit like Bl­iz­zard flap­ping around af­ter such a good run, this feels like there ac­tu­ally could be an­other ten good years in the old girl. A tri­umphant re­turn to form for both Bl­iz­zard and its world. Richard Cob­bett War­lords Of Draenor is the first ex­pan­sion pack to take place pri­mar­ily be­fore the main timeline, in a branch­ing re­al­ity.

Lava is the per­fect medium for mon­sters.

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