Lego Bat­man 3: Be­yond Gotham

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Not quite su­per

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For­mat re­viewed: Xbox One Also avail­able on: Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, iOS, PC Pub­lisher: Warner Bros

Lego Marvel

Su­per He­roes is, so far, the pin­na­cle of the Lego videogame se­ries, mainly be­cause it wielded the orig­i­nal­ity and ref­er­ences that a huge comic- book king­dom de­serves. Lego Bat­man 3: Be­yond Gotham, though, awk­wardly shines the DC uni­verse through the prism of Bat­man. All the pow­ers that make su­per­heroes unique are shared be­tween char­ac­ters by way of suit up­grades, which robs them of their in­di­vid­u­al­ity and adds a tir­ing and fid­dly me­chanic. Thanks to the speed of up­grade un­locks, this quickly makes Bat­man him­self all but re­dun­dant. So we’re look­ing at a Bat­man game which, some­how, makes you not re­ally want to play as Bat­man. Not a great suc­cess there.

It looks as pol­ished as Lego games al­ways do, there are hints of that unique Lego thought process – at one point, the prob­lem of big ten­ta­cles flail­ing around a base is solved by a gi­ant knife which cuts them up into sashimi – and the dia­logue cer­tainly has plenty of per­son­al­ity. The trou­ble is those per­son­al­i­ties just don’t reach the ef­fort­less lev­els we’ve seen be­fore. Con­stant ref­er­ence is made to how un­funny the jokes are and Bat­man is a mas­sive jerk, act­ing as if he might storm off to his Ba­t­room at any mo­ment.

Peo­ple who love Lego games will still find the lu­di­crous amount of value you ex­pect from th­ese worlds, but we’d be sur­prised if any­one loved Lego Bat­man 3. Kate Gray The sea­son pass, avail­able for £ 11.99, grants ac­cess to six DLC packs with new mis­sions and free play modes.

Minifig men­ace reigns supreme.

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