The Li­brar­i­ans

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Ware­house 14?

The fol­low­ing is a

tran­script of an in­ter­net fo­rum con­ver­sa­tion a few mo­ments af­ter the first episode of The Li­brar­i­ans has fin­ished air­ing. Pos­si­bly. TheDik­tor: “That was just a limp ver­sion of Ware­house 13.” Al­lSee­ingIvy: “I think you’ll find it’s based on three TNT TV movies called The Li­brar­ian, the first of which pre­dates the first episode of Ware­house 13 by some years.” TheDik­tor: “We only got them re­cently.” Al­lSee­ingIvy: “I wouldn’t com­plain. They were like cheap com­edy ver­sions of In­di­ana Jones with very poor jokes.” TheDik­tor: “So were they In­di­ana Jones or Ware­house 13?” Al­lSee­ingIvy: “I think you’ll find that

Noah Wyle tracks down the World Cup.

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