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Cel­e­brat­ing the sil­li­est mo­ments from the month in TV

Most Dramatically Lit Sta­tionery Shop Of The Month

We’re guess­ing this is where the devil picks up his felt tips on Con­stan­tine.

Ad orable Af­flic­tion Of The Month

The marks left by the Trou­bles on Haven’s Duke look like they’re giv­ing him a hug, aww.

Ex­treme Weight Loss Of The Month

Well, that’s one way to shed a few pounds on Su­per­nat­u­ral.

Death Wish Of The Month

Bal­anc­ing pre­car­i­ously on a ban­is­ter in SOCKS? That’s just ask­ing for a bro­ken neck on Gotham.

Far- fetched Prod­uct Place­ment Of The Month

Did any­one like Tron: Le­gacy enough to want a li­censed lunch box? Once Upon A Time’s Henry doesn’t count.

Least Hy­genic Pool Of The Month

Health and safety would have a field day with this swim­ming pool on Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story.

Com­i­cal Elec­troshock mo­ment Of The Month

Con­clu­sive proof on SHIELD that when­ever you freeze frame a char­ac­ter get­ting elec­tro­cuted it’s al­ways hi­lar­i­ous.

Un­ex­pected Su­per­power Of The Month

For­get ex­cep­tional archery, glove­less moun­tain climb­ing is Oliver’s real su­per­power on Ar­row.

Geeky t- shirt Of The Month

Cisco seems to have a never- end­ing sup­ply of geeky t- shirts on The Flash, but this is our favourite so far.

Dap­per Vamps Of The Month

Seems Kol didn’t get the memo that tuxes and top hats were in this sea­son on The Orig­i­nals.

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