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Did You Spot? “The Brave And The Bold” con­tin­ues Ar­row’s tra­di­tion of shout- outs. The street in­ter­sec­tion “In­fantino and Adams” is a nod to artists Carmine In­fantino and Neal Adams, who de­signed the Green Ar­row and Flash that in­form the shows.

Trivia The swirl that en­cir­cles Ray Palmer’s cor­po­rate logo is an­other nod to ( and per­haps fore­shad­ow­ing of) his comic- book al­ter ego, The Atom, whose own em­blem it re­sem­bles.

Will Boomerang Come Back? As long­time DC fans know, while Cap­tain Boomerang is a long- term mem­ber of the Flash’s rogues gallery, he’s in­tro­duced in “The Brave And The Bold” as, pri­mar­ily, the Ar­row’s en­emy.

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