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Cit, Af­ter­life is 100 is­sues old! And it barely looks a day over 40. To cel­e­brate we spoke to gen­uine sci- fi icon Lou Fer­rigno about his defin­ing role, the Hulk. Fer­rigno shot to fame af­ter fea­tur­ing in 1977 body- build­ing doc­u­men­tary Pump­ing Iron, and was cast as the mean green mus­cle man in The In­cred­i­ble Hulk TV se­ries the same year. Five sea­sons of en­raged shirt- rip­ping be­tween 1978 and 1982 were fol­lowed by three TV movies in the late ’ 80s. Fer­rigno’s time as the Hulk didn’t end there though – he voiced the gamma- in­fused strongman in the 1996 car­toon, the Ed­ward Nor­ton- star­ring In­cred­i­ble Hulk movie, Avengers As­sem­ble and the up­com­ing se­quel Avengers: Age Of Ul­tron. He can next be seen as axe- wield­ing war­rior Sk­izurra in The Scor­pion King 4: Quest For Power, avail­able on DVD and Blu- ray from 23 March.

Would you like to play the Hulk again?

Well, I do the voice of the Hulk for The Avengers, so I’m still play­ing him in some ways. But of course, def­i­nitely. Peo­ple still love the se­ries.

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve ever had from a fan?

Women come to the ta­ble when I do au­to­graph sign­ings some­times and they want me to sign pri­vate body parts and it’s hys­ter­i­cal. One woman came to me and she had me sign my sig­na­ture on both legs. She came back to me two years later and she had the sig­na­ture tat­tooed on both legs – her hus­band wasn’t too happy about it!

Would any of the Hulk’s at­tributes have been use­ful i n real life?

The strength, of course, but not his short tem­per. Af­ter the Hulk I did King Of Queens for seven years and they al­ways made Hulk jokes, and jokes about my strength, so it helped me get a job! The Hulk will be with me for­ever, even though I’ve done over 40 films. I still em­brace the Hulk be­cause it’s a part of me.

I s there any­thing you think was un­fin­ished about the Hulk’s story?

In the TV show he was sup­posed to come back with The Re­turn Of The Hulk, but then Bill Bixby passed away. We were go­ing to con­tinue do­ing movies of the week. It’s amaz­ing af­ter 40 years that the le­gacy of the Hulk is more popular than ever. Ev­ery­one loves the Hulk.

Did you get any sou­venirs from the set?

I never got any­thing from the show, but I do have one of the largest col­lec­tions of Hulk me­mora­bilia in the world. I’m go­ing to have a big auc­tion of it. I have toi­let pa­per, wall­pa­per, bi­cy­cles, you name it.

What wo uld i t say on the Hulk’s grave­stone?

We left an im­pact in this world, I will never be forgotten.

Would you have liked to have any of Darth Vader’s skils in real life?

I think I’d like to have his skills to shut peo­ple up. Just point to them and you’d see them choke a bit, keep them quiet for a while. I’d like to have been able to do that.

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