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Whead­ing for the big screen any time soon af­ter his post- cred­its cameo in the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Howard the Duck is re­turn­ing in a new comic next month. Writ­ten by Sex Crim­i­nals artist Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Joe Quinones, the di­men­sion- hop­ping mal­lard is more re­lat­able than any mem­ber of Earth’s Might­i­est He­roes.

“He’s an every­man, or should I say ev­ery- duck,” says Zdarksy. “Howard’s out of place as a duck in a hu­man world, but he’s still more of a hu­man than Cap­tain Amer­ica, y’know? You’d go for a beer with Howard but with Cap, you’d maybe go for a jog.”

Cre­ated by the late Steve Ger­ber and Val May­er­ick in 1973, Howard The Duck’s so­cial satire was very much of its tur­bu­lent time. “I love the clas­sic run but if any of that is re­ferred to, it’ll be in such a way as to not alien­ate new read­ers,” rea­sons Zdarsky. “I haven’t re­ally had to up­date any­thing but there’s an in­stinct on my part to try and fo­cus on Ger­ber’s is­sues and de­sires for the char­ac­ter, so a lot of what he in­tro­duced and pushed for will be things I main­tain as well. Also, Howard will be re­ally into dub­step.”

How­ever, Zdarksy re­fuses to con­firm whether Howard’s some­time- girl­friend Bev­er­ley Swit­zler is still a part of his life. “Bev­erly’s a bit of a mys­tery at the be­gin­ning as clearly some­thing has hap­pened be­tween her and Howard,” teases Zdarsky. As for the Guardians of the Galaxy, they’ll show up in is­sue two, which will ex­plain how Howard fell into the hands of The Col­lec­tor. “Howard is firmly in the Marvel uni­verse and that big ol’ uni­verse in­cludes the Guardians, for sure! Half the fun of writ­ing a Marvel book is util­is­ing the Marvel char­ac­ters. So I’m ba­si­cally putting in as many char­ac­ters into the book as Marvel will al­low un­til they legally have to deem it an event book and pay me ac­cord­ingly!”

The one thing that Zdarsky is promis­ing is plenty of laughs. “It’s got to be funny!” he says. “That’s my num­ber one goal! Comics need more funny in them so you may as well use that talk­ing duck char­ac­ter for it!” Howard the Duck’s new se­ries starts later this month.

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