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In SFX 256 there was a lot of be­moan­ing of the Ghost­busters re­make. But Hol­ly­wood has al­ways re­made its most popular movies ( the Chuck He­ston Ben- Hur was the third ver­sion of that story). It’s only come to the fore in the last decade be­cause the ’ 70s was when the con­cept of a block­buster first emerged, and peo­ple who grew up then be­came, in the 2000s, the in­flu­en­tial Hol­ly­wood di­rec­tors, pro­duc­ers, writ­ers and stu­dio ex­ecs who were in a po­si­tion to stamp their own mark on their beloved child­hood favourites. Now we are in the 2010s it’s the turn of ’ 80s films and TV shows to be re­made by the peo­ple who adored them as chil­dren. In the 2020s we’ll prob­a­bly have re­makes of Forrest Gump and The Ma­trix and a Pulp Fic­tion TV se­ries. Peo­ple ask “Why don’t they leave the clas­sics alone and re­make some­thing flawed but with po­ten­tial?” If you strike gold you keep dig­ging in the same place – there’s lit­tle fi­nan­cial sense in tak­ing some­thing that didn’t work and hop­ing it will sec­ond time round. Per­son­ally I hope the flawed- with­po­ten­tial Ti­tan AE will be turned into a gritty BSG- style live- ac­tion TV show. But which stu­dio would pay out to make a TV se­ries based on a flop movie?

Dave Barsby, Derby Bang goes my dream of a dark, grounded Pluto Nash re­boot…

They’re run­ning away from the cinema that was show­ing Ti­tan AE.

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