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Ash­ley Beech­ing sent us pics of his Star Wars me­mora­bilia, in­clud­ing “ar­guably the most sought- af­ter item”, this Yak- Face Star Wars fig­ure. Kathy Tay­lor of Vec­tis says: You have a fine ex­am­ple of a Pal­i­toy/ Ken­ner Star Wars Yak Face 3 ” Ac­tion Fig­ure, dat­ing from 1985. He was one of the “last 17” fig­ures pro­duced dur­ing the vin­tage run cov­er­ing the first three films, just be­fore the Star Wars line was dis­con­tin­ued.

There were 15 new fig­ures pro­duced along with two bonus fig­ures that were blacked out on the rear of the card ( Ewoks Paploo and Lumat). He is one of the rarer fig­ures – he was not avail­able for re­tail in the US, and con­se­quently was pro­duced in smaller quan­ti­ties than the rest of the line. In Europe Yak Face was pro­vided with­out a weapon, but in Canada he was com­plete with a staff – as in your ex­am­ple. There are two vari­a­tions of card back – the Pal­i­toy/ Gen­eral Mills Euro­pean Tri- logo and the Ken­ner Canadian French/ English Power Of The Force ( with coin).


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