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Kenny Gibson ( thought “Last Christ­mas” was “one of the best Chrimbo spe­cials, head and shoul­ders bet­ter than last year’s”); Steve Mathew­man (“Great score by Mur­ray Gold”);

John Porter (“Lik­ing the way that the cur­rent stew­ard­ship of Who is not spoon­feed­ing and al­low­ing the au­di­ence to en­gage brains to gain full en­joy­ment”); Maryanne Bowes (“It re­minded me of an old Twi­light Zone script”); Kevin Schooler (“The vis­ual and au­di­tory equiv­a­lent of south- bound leav­ings from a north- bound pachy­derm”, ap­par­ently – is that an ex­pert zoo­log­i­cal opin­ion?); John Cowdell (“Nick Frost was to­tally wasted. I didn’t laugh once”);

Stephen Saul (“Peo­ple who crit­i­cise the Mof­fat era re­ally don’t know how good they’ve got it. He’s one of the best writ­ers in the busi­ness”); John Gibson- Hill (“The unique thing about this show is you may not like it now but in years to come you may love it again”); Rob Mon­fea (“No­ticed one of the elves had ‘ Wolf’ on the back of his jacket, won­dered if the other one had ‘ Bad’ writ­ten on his?”);

Ray­mond Atkin­son (“The plot was a con­vo­luted mess”); Ian Sals­bury (“Ca­paldi con­tin­ues to excel”); Kayla Oak­ley (“It was just a mix­ture of all of Mof­fat’s old plots in one”); Catherine Proc­ter (“The new gen­er­a­tion of fans don’t un­der­stand that Doc­tor Who is meant to be scary!”); Mick Trezise (“Mag­i­cal, mys­te­ri­ous and full of fes­tive fun, along with a cou­ple of jumps for the kids”); Andy May­hew (“Per­haps a lit­tle too com­pli­cated af­ter a day of drink­ing…”) – Andy! No more eg­gnog!); Peter Lang ( fear­ing the High­lander re­boot will ar­rive with a Mi­ley Cyrus sound­track);

Mark Allen ( thanks for the discs! Very thought­ful of you);

Mark and Sas Gam­bell ( of­fi­cial sup­pli­ers to SFX of the Teyn­ham Parish Coun­cil newsletter – at least when it has Daleks in it…); and many, many more…

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