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Power Up

1 She could de­flect bul­lets and, er, tele­path­i­cally com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals, but Lynda Carter’s Won­der Woman was lack­ing some key pow­ers, and you’d like them re­in­stated. “Don’t de­power her! Won­der Woman flies, and she is the fe­male coun­ter­part and ( near) equal to Su­per­man,” says Richard John­son.


2 Fly­ing in the face of Hol­ly­wood wis­dom, you DON’T want to see Won­der Woman lum­bered with a to­ken love in­ter­est. “NO ro­mance. In fact I would pre­fer to avoid most clichés in­volv­ing a fe­male lead,” says Kirsty Leanne.


3 Af­ter Man Of Steel DC could stand for “dull colours”, which is why Jonathan Har­vey wants to see a splash of pri­mary back in the DCU. “It needs a bright and colour­ful Won­der Woman to re­flect off the dark and brood­ing Bat­man/ Su­per­man. I’d love to see mytho­log­i­cal The­myscira too.”


4 Sim­i­larly, you don’t want to see Won­der Woman in a Su­per­man- style mope dur­ing her first solo out­ing on the sil­ver screen. “No ex­is­ten­tial angst, we get enough of that from Supes and Bats. Won­der Woman knows who she is and she’s proud of it,” says Tom Gray.

God Of War

5 Ev­ery hero needs a wor­thy vil­lain and Chris J Capel knows who it should be. “Fol­low the ex­am­ple of the Won­der Woman an­i­mated movie and have Ares, the God of War, as the vil­lain, per­haps played by Game Of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster- Wal­dau.”


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