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Won­der Woman

Emma Stone

Gal Gadot


Lynda Carter

Three- movie story arc with Chee­tah in the first movie, whose strings are pulled by Dr Psy­cho ( Peter Din­klage), who is the Big Bad in the sec­ond movie whose strings are pulled by Circe, who is the Big Bad in the third movie. Carl de Gou­veia

I just hope it will be a fun and colour­ful movie that does her jus­tice. Won­der Woman is an icon and de­serves to be treated that way. To­mas Becks

Lynda Carter as Hip­polyta. Matthew Rowan

Won­der Woman look­ing less like Xena. Catherine Proc­ter

A red, blue and gold cos­tume. Les­lie An­der­son

Colour. I would like to see the movie in colour. Duane Keaton

No in­vis­i­ble plane, iron­i­cally used or oth­er­wise. David Stephens

A joke some­where in the course of the movie. Maybe even two. Craig Oxbrow

Won­der Woman to be strong, in­ter­est­ing and lay­ered. Emma Ruth Welsby

I would’ve liked Charisma Car­pen­ter as Won­der Woman. He­len Wil­liams

The orig­i­nal theme mu­sic, so cheesy! Paul Downey

Where’s the Won­der Woman cos­tume? Who’s this Xena wannabe? Terry West­mor­land

A dif­fer­ent actress. James Davis- Mann

Shot with re­al­is­tic tones, not a hor­ri­ble bleak wash like Man Of Steel. Liam Curry

I would like to see Won­der Woman’s star- span­gled out­fit mak­ing it to the big screen. Gary Pratt

Em­brace the comic book roots and don’t make it dark or gritty. Kevin Hall

I’d like to see it along the lines of Cap­tain Amer­ica. A good retro set- up and a much bet­ter cos­tume. Oh, and to ac­tu­ally call it Won­der Woman, as DC have an aver­sion to their own char­ac­ters’ names. Wayne Smyth

Brian Az­zarello’s and Cliff Chi­ang’s Greek pan­theon – Ares, Po­sei­don, Eros, Hera, Athena, Apollo. John Deckard

I’d like to see her in­vis­i­ble plane [ arf]. Phillip Black­man

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