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Ian Ber­ri­man, Re­views Chief 1 Un­der what ti­tle was Ham­mer’s Drac­ula re­leased in the USA? 2 1968’ s The Devil Rides Out was based on a book by which au­thor? 3 Name the Ham­mer film which was a co- pro­duc­tion with Hong Kong’s Shaw Broth­ers. 4 What con­nects Vam­pirella, Nessie and Kali, Devil Bride Of Drac­ula? 5 Who com­posed the scores for films like The Curse Of Franken­stein and Drac­ula? 6 What do Ham­mer screen­writ­ers John El­der and Henry Younger have in com­mon?

0- 5 7 Ham­mer also made three movie spin- offs of which ITV sit­com? 8 Who di­rected The Curse Of Franken­stein, Drac­ula and The Mummy? 9 There were two Ham­mer tele­vi­sion se­ries. One was Ham­mer House Of Hor­ror. What was the other? Which Pro­fes­sor did both Brian Don­levy and An­drew Keir play for Ham­mer? Name the Pol­ish star of Countess Drac­ula and The Vam­pire Lovers. What was the last hor­ror film re­leased by the orig­i­nal Ham­mer?

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