“we said, ‘ how do you show a world hid­den be­neath a city?’”

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haven’t seen be­fore, ex­pand­ing the Diver­gent world in the tra­di­tion of all good se­quels.

“We don’t have to spend 10 min­utes ex­plain­ing the whole setup, and it’s a big re­lief,” laughs Fisher. “In the first film Tris was born and grew up in Ab­ne­ga­tion and then she moves to Daunt­less so we sort of saw that whole thing, but this time we go to Amity and Can­dor and Eru­dite. So we ex­pe­ri­ence a whole other way of living and think­ing.”

We also get to meet an en­tirely new group – or more ac­cu­rately a group we didn’t ac­tu­ally know were a group. The Fac­tion­less were all over the first movie, but we thought they were just va­grants wan­der­ing around fu­ture Chicago be­cause they had no place else to go. In In­sur­gent it’ll turn out they’re ac­tu­ally a rather well- or­gan­ised out­fit, led by fran­chise new­comer Naomi Watts as Eve­lyn – who just hap­pens to be Four’s mum. “She’s our new vil­lain and a great ad­di­tion,” says Fisher. “She’s the source of a lot of Four’s prob­lems, and some­one you can’t quite get a pulse on. What is she re­ally…?”

“From our in­ter­ac­tion with the fans we found that there was re­ally a fas­ci­na­tion with the Fac­tion­less,” chips in Wick. “Be­cause the func­tional? So there’s a lot of war­rens and each war­ren you’d see is made of re­pur­posed junk from the other fac­tions.” With Diver­gent direc­tor Neil Burger hav­ing stepped aside, In­sur­gent has a new man at the helm in the form of Robert Sch­wen­tke ( Flight­plan, RED, RIPD). “Robert had two re­ally strong qual­i­ties,” ex­plains Wick. “First, he’s com­pletely fas­ci­nated by psy­chol­ogy. When he came into the room, he was so fas­ci­nated by the is­sues fac­ing Tris, of how a per­son who’s had so much grief and guilt man­ages to go on in the world. He came in with just an ut­ter fas­ci­na­tion of how some­one sur­vives that kind of trauma.

“The sec­ond thing he brought was an ex­tra­or­di­nary vis­ual in­stinct. He was re­ally in­trigued by the tool that Veron­ica cre­ates to sort of dramatically see some­one’s in­ner life. When you talk about things like fear land­scapes or th­ese sims to see what your na­ture is – how much you’re Eru­dite, how much you’re Amity – to do those as vi­brant ac­tion scenes, he came in with daz­zling vis­ual

“Hold on tight! We’ve an­other two films to do af­ter this!”

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