“there’s al­ways fans who don’t want any­thing changed”

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the fac­tion- based so­ci­ety came to ex­ist from the ru­ins of the old world…

“In the cli­max of the book, Tris and Four find a mes­sage,” ex­plains Wick. “What we ba­si­cally did was take Veron­ica’s idea and try to adapt it into some­thing that would work bet­ter for a movie. The li­cense we took was to get into the room at the end of the book, so Tris has to face down one of her demons. We made the open­ing of the box not just be that one scene, but many scenes.”

“It’s an or­gan­is­ing prin­ci­ple that wasn’t in the book, that Veron­ica likes,” says Fisher. “So some ways, and re­spect them and in­vite them into the process a lit­tle bit – be­cause we don’t want to dis­ap­point them. They un­der­stand the ma­te­rial as well as any­body. But there’s al­ways a group of fans that don’t want any­thing changed at all. They’ll write pages about how the colour of Tris’s hair was not how they imag­ined it. It’s an in­ter­est­ing world!

“The other thing that we’re very mind­ful of is – and this is a very un- cyn­i­cal thing – when you say 33 mil­lion books sold, un­less you’re a mo­ron, you say Veron­ica has tapped into some­thing,” adds Wick. “She’s articulating

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