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Are you much like Four in real- life?

I love beat­ing peo­ple up [ jokes]! I guess he’s prob­a­bly more uptight than me. I hope. He’s a bit dam­aged, I guess you’d say, and prob­a­bly more highly strung in a way. I do like play­ing this char­ac­ter be­cause there’s a still­ness to him which I al­ways found in­ter­est­ing, even from the books. It’s fun to come back to him. Four has a lot of tat­toos. Did you get tired of putting them on ev­ery day?

Yes. I was think­ing about get­ting them for real, just so I didn’t have to go through the make- up process – be­cause you do them ev­ery day for five- and- a- half months, it gets a lit­tle bit wear­ing at the end. The one on the back is fine be­cause you only do it for spe­cific scenes. But by the end I was say­ing, “I think he should be wear­ing high- necked col­lar things con­stantly. He should look like a priest wear­ing ’ 60s roll necks or some­thing!” Now you’re in­volved in a big fran­chise, do you have to be more care­ful about the other roles you take on?

You have to kind of make smart choices. You do films and the easy flat­ter­ing op­tions come up, but they’re not nec­es­sar­ily the best ones for your ca­reer longevity. You have to be strong and say no to some stuff, and then try ag­gres­sively to get some things that are go­ing to be bet­ter for you in the long run. At the end of the day, I’m an ac­tor. You’re go­ing to be do­ing this for years, you hope. Are the peo­ple who spot you for The In­be­tween­ers Movie dif­fer­ent to the ones who recog­nise you from Diver­gent?

Yeah, def­i­nitely. It’s funny be­ing an ac­tor. Some­times the thing that some­one recog­nises you from is the un­ex­pected one, which is fun in a way. It might be, even, your first job ever, or some­thing you’d al­most forgotten you’d done. But yes. If you walk into a room, you can tell what the peo­ple prob­a­bly know you from.

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