“You can’t just show up and as­sume it’s all gonna be roses”

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Def­i­nitely one thing we ex­plored with the first half of this sea­son is how that hap­pens. How be­ing out there changes peo­ple. Even as early as sea­son three, we know that Mi­chonne was a dif­fer­ent per­son when she lived out in the wilder­ness un­til she met An­drea. Then they found Wood­bury. So that’s def­i­nitely a theme that will con­tinue into the sec­ond half of this sea­son — who do we be­come when we’re out here. It’s a re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing char­ac­ter study.” If our he­roes have in­deed found them­selves in a safe zone, could ev­ery­thing they’ve en­dured ren­der them in­ca­pable of living in it? Could some se­ri­ous post- trau­matic stress dis­or­der spoil ev­ery­thing?

“That’s a great ques­tion. That def­i­nitely goes to our story — will peo­ple be able to go on with their lives af­ter ev­ery­thing that they’ve ex­pe­ri­enced? Look at what Rick has been through. Look at what Daryl’s been through. Look at what Carl’s been through. And look at how those events have shaped each of those char­ac­ters. That’s def­i­nitely some­thing we will come across in the sec­ond part of the sea­son: who th­ese peo­ple have been trans­formed into by the deeds that they have seen and done. Rick is clearly dis­trust­ful. We’ve seen it af­ter episode one in Ter­mi­nus. When he meets Fa­ther Gabriel in episode two, he doesn’t trust him. He has no rea­son to. In this sort of dog- eat- dog world, you gotta earn peo­ple’s trust. You can’t just show up and in­stantly as­sume that it’s all gonna be roses. That’s again some­thing that’s very im­por­tant in terms of our show, that as­pect of who they’ve be­come and how they are able to trust peo­ple that they meet on the road.”

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As if to il­lus­trate his point, Ni­cotero shoots an­other scene this day. Rick, who’s shed the beard he’s grown th­ese last few years, talks with a young blonde- haired woman in the mid­dle of the empty street. There’s a sense of fa­mil­iar­ity and what al­most seems like an at­trac­tion be­tween the two. But their dis­cus­sion grows se­ri­ous, and she shakes her head at him. As Rick walks away, she looks af­ter him, pity in her eyes…

One per­son who has earned Rick’s trust is Abra­ham Ford, the wid­owed US Army sergeant who, un­til re­cently, wanted only to reach Wash­ing­ton, DC with his trav­el­ling com­pan­ion Eu­gene Porter; who’d claimed to pos­sess a means of stop­ping the zom­bie apoca­lypse. But when Eu­gene con­fessed he’d been ly­ing, that he had no so­lu­tion, de­spair crip­pled Abra­ham, though he still man­aged to

“I call this my ac­tion hero pose. Look how I ig­nore the threat be­hind me!”

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