Life af­ter Beth

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Fans want to see Daryl happy, per­haps with a part­ner. He came close to that with Beth…

I think if they came close and Daryl had those feel­ings for her, he may have felt them but I don’t think he to­tally un­der­stood them. So there was a lit­tle bit of that there. I just don’t know that he knew what that was, to be hon­est. There’s a cer­tain con­nec­tion with Carol of course. She’s a lot like him. Carol’s prob­a­bly his go- to girl for some­one to lean on. But as far as re­la­tion­ships, I don’t know that Daryl’s ready for that. But never say never. Do you think he still has some grow­ing up to do?

I just don’t think he’s done a lot of it. He comes from a back­ground where he feels like he’s one of the un­de­sir­able ones. So he doesn’t think any­body would be at­tracted to him that way. He spent most of his child­hood with his brother do­ing guy things. If any dirty stuff has gone down, it was prob­a­bly Merle do­ing it while Daryl waited out­side. You know what I mean [ laughs]? So his self- worth isn’t high enough for him to pair off just yet?

I don’t know. Mi­chonne’s been giv­ing me eye­balls lately [ laughs]. Af­ter five years, what keeps Daryl ex­cit­ing for you?

I find new things about him all the time. He’s very in­ter­est­ing. There’s also all th­ese other re­la­tion­ships with th­ese char­ac­ters. There’s a real trust he has with Rick, first off. Then the Glenn char­ac­ter, Daryl had a soft spot for him when he started fight­ing with him, and now that re­la­tion­ship is a big­ger, stronger brotherhood. There’s some new guys in the group, that maybe we haven’t spent much time with. And now there’s a whole new group!

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