“i’d like to make things right with the avengers”

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I think we know that Coul­son is called out, that he took the team [ to the city] os­ten­si­bly for the le­git­i­mate rea­son of mak­ing sure Hy­dra couldn’t get any­one into the [ Ter­ri­gen] mists and trans­formed. He’s also car­ry­ing this alien blood in­side of him so who knows what di­rec­tives he is fol­low­ing. I’ve been read­ing about in­sects that can get other in­sects to make nests for them and then die. Some­times I worry, with­out know­ing any­thing, if that might be what I’m do­ing. This whole sea­son is about peo­ple who put aside a per­sonal life to make pro­tect­ing the world from the se­crets they don’t know about a num­ber one pri­or­ity. He has to deal with the fact that he is con­stantly putting the clos­est per­son in the world to him – as Skye is like a daugh­ter – in great harm. He doesn’t quite un­der­stand when we come back what he has al­lowed to hap­pen to her.

The more that our world rep­re­sents not just the world around us but a sto­ry­line that is about some­body who is dif­fer­ent is very im­por­tant to me. I have a 13- year- old daugh­ter who sud­denly is get­ting the best grades of her life and I think it’s partly be­cause of how she iden­ti­fies with her sur­ro­gate big sis­ter who is a

Skye may be the most hu­man In­hu­man go­ing.

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