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Stinger Apini in Jupiter As­cend­ing

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How would you de­scribe the film? It’s a film that’s got ev­ery­thing: ac­tion, depth of char­ac­ter, hu­mour, and a very sur­real qual­ity; which is un­der­stand­able con­sid­er­ing the peo­ple who di­rected it. I re­mem­ber Lana say­ing, “We’re just try­ing to do some­thing that’s dif­fer­ent and orig­i­nal, and we care very pas­sion­ately about that.” That’s dif­fi­cult be­cause it’s from a big stu­dio. They’ve got their ideas and then the stu­dio’s got theirs. But they stick to what they truly be­lieve in.

What’s the film’s vi­sion of the fu­ture? Pools of peo­ple are cre­ated in or­der to feed off them and use them as work­ers. So they’re a bit like ants. There’s pretty wicked stuff that you can imag­ine from big com­pa­nies who take con­trol of ev­ery­thing. It’s got some nasty con­no­ta­tions to it.

Were the scenes on your char­ac­ter’s farm shot on lo­ca­tion? Just out­side of Chicago… That was prob­a­bly one of the few real places in the whole film. It was amaz­ing what they did with it. They got about 37,000 bees from some shop or toy fac­tory. But then they had to glue on 37,000 mag­nets, one for ev­ery bee. I ac­tu­ally have some in my house now. I scare lit­tle kids when they come around!

You don’t al­ways sur­vive un­til the last scene… Never. When­ever I get a script I go to the back page. But you’ll have to see what hap­pens in this one! Joseph McCabe

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