Do­min­ion Sea­son One

An­gels With Grumpy Faces

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2014 | 15 | Blu- ray/ DVD Cre­ator: Vaun Wil­mott Cast: Christo­pher Egan, Tom Wis­dom, Rox­anne McKee, An­thony Head, Alan Dale

Us­ing the

Bi­ble as in­spi­ra­tion for your fan­tasy se­ries is only slightly less des­per­ate than us­ing a Scott Ste­wart film for in­spi­ra­tion. Do­min­ion uses both.

This TV se­quel to 2010 turkey Le­gion ( in which an Amer­i­can diner be­comes an un­likely bat­tle­ground for good/ bad an­gels) is set in a postapoc­a­lyp­tic Las Ve­gas, now walled- off from a world where feral an­gels run wild. Why feral? Well, they’re more in­ter­est­ing than harp- play­ing cherubs.

Ex­pres­sion­less ( though ap­par­ently guilt- rid­den) archangel Michael helps the cit­i­zens of “Vega”, seem­ingly in re­turn for an end­less sup­ply of soft fur­nish­ings, while evil brother Gabriel au­di­tions for Baron Hardup in pan­tomime, plot­ting nasty stuff while twirling his mous­tache.

There’s a “cho­sen one”, Alex, with tat­toos all over his body only he can read ( pre­sum­ably us­ing a mir­ror for the ones on his back); he has a des­tiny, of course. Des­tiny also brings to­gether two tele­fan­tasy stal­warts – An­thony Head ( as a shifty coun­sel­lor) and Alan Dale ( as Vega’s leader) – in the same show for the first time. They look like they’re try­ing to in­ject some class, but fail mis­er­ably, and Head’s plan­ta­tionowner ac­cent is hi­lar­i­ous.

It’s pretty dire stuff, where prophe­cies are plot­ting and po­lit­i­cal in­trigue comes down to who has the juicier black­mail ma­te­rial time af­ter time af­ter time…

Still, there are some pretty CGI an­gel wings and a lot of shirt­less male tor­sos, if you’re the sort to whom that kind of thing ap­peals. The rest of us are pray­ing for re­demp­tion.

Both for­mats have deleted scenes ( 13 min­utes) and a gag reel, and in­clude the full- length two- part sea­son fi­nale as it aired in the UK, not the con­densed ver­sion shown in the US. Dave Golder

Find­ing leather jack­ets with wing holes was a night­mare.

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