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2014 | 15 | Blu- ray/ DVD

As Dr Peter

Venkman might al­most say, the trou­ble with aliens is that you just can’t trust them. The ones who reg­u­larly visit Wil­liam Cas­sidy ( Ju­lian Richings) aren’t nip­ping round for a cuppa. Oh no, they’re the ab­duct­ing and prob­ing sort. If that wasn’t bad enough, their ex­per­i­ments have made Wil­liam a tar­get for the mil­i­tary.

This Canadian film is a brico­lage of dif­fer­ent di­rec­to­rial styles. It has mo­ments of found- footage hor­ror, first- per­son- shooter ac­tion and some in­tense, 24- style grilling scenes. It’s in the lat­ter that Ejecta falls down. All the ac­tors are ca­pa­ble enough, but Wil­liam spends too much time in chains.

Still, the aliens are con­vinc­ingly creepy and the script, by Pon­ty­pool screen­writer Tony Burgess, finds a few fresh an­gles on the familiar ab­duc­tion sto­ry­line.

None. Will Salmon

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