Ed­ward Scis­sorhands

Makes the cut

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Pub­lisher: IDW Writer: Kate Leth Artists: Drew Rausch, Jeremy Col­well

One of the few

Tim Bur­ton films that can still be de­scribed as a well- loved clas­sic, the touch­ing and satir­i­cal story of Ed­ward Scis­sorhands was never ex­actly scream­ing out for a se­quel. How­ever, while this comic fol­low- up could have set alarm bells ring­ing, what we get is a sur­pris­ingly charm­ing and quirky se­ries that al­ready feels like a wor­thy and sat­is­fy­ing con­tin­u­a­tion.

The first three is­sues cen­tre on Megs, the child briefly seen in the movie who was told the story of the lonely, scis­sor- handed Ed­ward by her grand­mother, Kim Boggs. Years later, Megs is now a rest­less teenager and Kim is long dead, while Ed­ward still lurks for­lornly in his dark cas­tle.

When Ed­ward awak­ens a bro­ken, long- dor­mant crea­ture named Eli in the hope of some com­pany, his good in­ten­tions lead to danger­ous con­se­quences… The events which fol­low tap into the col­li­sion be­tween mun­dane Amer­i­can sub­ur­bia and gothic weird­ness that was at the heart of Bur­ton’s orig­i­nal.

Drew Rausch’s loose, car­toony vi­su­als leave re­al­ism be­hind in favour of a stylised look that’s of­ten like a less self- con­scious ver­sion of Bur­ton’s own art­work, while Kate Leth’s script achieves a finely bal­anced mix of wit, weird­ness and melan­choly. Whether that bal­ance can be main­tained as an on­go­ing se­ries re­mains to be seen, but so far this se­quel is an ac­ces­si­ble and en­ter­tain­ing all- ages comic that’s living up to its pre­de­ces­sor. Saxon Bul­lock In her teens, Kate Leth was a Burtonob­sessed goth. “I prob­a­bly had seven Night­mare Be­fore Christ­mas shirts.” 2001 movie Frailty was an in­spi­ra­tion for the comic, while the look of Jess’s dad was based on co­me­dian Louis CK.

With those hands you’d think he’d cut his hair.

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