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Voodoo you think you are?

Be­tween sea­sons, the Orig­i­nals writ­ing team clearly sat down and de­cided, “You know what we need? More Orig­i­nals.” Of course, the fact that the num­ber of Orig­i­nals is fi­nite ( state­ment pending re­vi­sion when some hith­erto un­men­tioned brother/ sis­ter is re­vealed) and that many of them were killed off in the course of The Vam­pire Di­aries is no ob­sta­cle. This is su­per­nat­u­ral telly we’re talk­ing about here. Res­ur­rec­tion is just an­other hand- wavy rit­ual away. Hell, you don’t even need to hire the same ac­tors if the par­tic­u­lar mode of res­ur­rec­tion you de­cide upon is shov­ing some­one’s spirit into a new body. That even means that vam­pires can be­come witches.

The Orig­i­nals con­tin­ues to be the per­fect show for any­one who wants The Vam­pire Di­aries with fewer jocks and more jazz. The dif­fer­ences be­tween the two shows are largely cos­metic ( a dif­fer­ent city, a dif­fer­ent sound­track, a bit more grand guig­nol hor­ror). In terms of plot­ting and char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion they

bonus fea­tures

Kinda Cross­over: Nina Do­brev makes a guest ap­pear­ance in episode 2.05 but as nei­ther Elena nor Kather­ine. She’s yet an­other dop­pel­ganger – Ta­tia.

It’s Wot­sis­name: The ac­tor play­ing Kol’s new host body, Daniel Sharman, pre­vi­ously played were­wolf Isaac in Teen Wolf. If you want to see more of the orig­i­nal Kol ( Nathaniel Bu­zolic) google “The Orig­i­nals The Awak­en­ing” for tie- in flash­back eps.

In- Joke: Episode 2.04 is called “Live And Let Die” which just hap­pens to be a James Bond film which is largely set in a voodoo- rife New Or­leans.

Best Line: Klaus: “Well, then there’s only one ques­tion we need to ask, isn’t there? Which of our par­ents do we kill first?” fol­low the same blue­print: bickering vam­pire broth­ers; women who can’t de­cide which bad boy they like best; plots that fit a sea­son’s worth of events into one episode; enemies be­com­ing un­easy al­lies, and vice versa.

Ad­mit­tedly, the cos­metic dif­fer­ences are what make The Orig­i­nals the more in­ter­est­ing show at the mo­ment. The New Or­leans voodoo vibe helps give the show a sense of edgi­ness miss­ing from Mys­tic Falls, and the Deep South set­ting pro­vides a spicier gumbo for the sim­mer­ing ten­sion be­tween witches, were­wolves and vam­pires.

But with sea­son two, the show seems to be try­ing too hard to em­u­late its pro­gen­i­tor in terms of struc­tur­ing its sto­ry­lines. There’s an “ev­ery­thing plus the kitchen sink” ap­proach – with all the main char­ac­ters in a con­stant state

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