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Con­tin­uum’s Kiera Cameron on her mission to save the world…

Where does Kiera find her­self at the start of sea­son three? Sea­son one was all about Kiera get­ting home. Sea­son two was Kiera still want­ing to get home but ac­knowl­edg­ing that she was sent back for a rea­son, and un­der­stand­ing why she’s there. Sea­son three… I call it “For the good of hu­man­ity”. She makes the de­ci­sion that in­stead of stick­ing her head in the sand, as­sem­bling the time- travel de­vice and mak­ing it home to the same 2077 that she left, she re­alises that she’s been given this op­por­tu­nity to en­act change for a bet­ter fu­ture. Con­tin­uum is very com­plex: do you get con­fused by the scripts? Any time I rec­om­mend the show I say, “You can’t mul­ti­task when you watch this show, you have to pay at­ten­tion!” Some­times I’d get a script and think, “Wait a minute!” I’d call cre­ator Simon Barry and say, “Can you ex­plain this to me?” The show mir­rors so much go­ing on in the real world, par­tic­u­larly in sea­son three… We’re lucky be­cause, be­ing a sci- fi show, we can get away with so­cial com­men­tary and po­lit­i­cal com­men­tary and no­body gets mad at us for be­ing right- wing or left- wing. The sci- fi genre al­lows us to tell th­ese very rel­e­vant sto­ry­lines. What I al­ways loved is that in sea­son one, Kiera’s world is very black and white: she’s good, they’re bad. By the time you get to sea­son three the au­di­ence has taken this jour­ney with Kiera and the world is not as it seems – she’s ques­tion­ing the de­ci­sions she’s made: “Wait, am I a bad guy?”

What is the thing that keeps you go­ing when you’ve had a re­ally long day on set? My hand­some hus­band! He comes in and vis­its me for lunch and hangs out on set. I’m also a big fan of sugar- free Red Bull, as I’m not a cof­fee drinker! Jayne Nel­son

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