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Get ready to Fae good­bye…

Pre­pare to mourn: this is

the fi­nal sea­son of Lost Girl. Some might say it’s the per­fect time to end the show – quit­ting while it’s ahead, long be­fore the for­mat starts to get tired ( although sea­son four wasn’t quite up to par with its pre­de­ces­sors). Oth­ers will sim­ply be heart­bro­ken to lose Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Lau­ren and all the other mem­bers of the gang. Ei­ther way, we can only hope it goes out on a well- de­served high, as this has con­sis­tently been the most bonkers show to ever sneak out of Canada.

As we write this, only four episodes have been trans­mit­ted, and so it al­most feels a lit­tle too early to judge the en­tire sea­son – but at least those episodes have been good, open­ing with a fas­ci­nat­ing con­ceit: Bo trav­els to Val­halla to res­cue dead Kenzi, then heads down to Tar­tarus to meet her step­mother, Perse­phone ( Bo’s dad is ap­par­ently Hades…). It’s amaz­ing to think that the big re­veal of Bo’s fa­ther still hasn’t hap­pened af­ter play­ing out for what seems like for­ever, so we can only hope the writ­ers fi­nally deign to bring them to­gether, face to face, by sea­son’s end. The down­side of this, of course, is that there’s ab­so­lutely no way her pa will live up to the hype. Fin­gers crossed.

An­other worry oc­curs at the end of episode two, when things take a de­press­ing turn as Kenzi says good­bye – Kse­nia Solo isn’t a main cast mem­ber any more, hav­ing quit to pur­sue other projects. Kenzi is such a huge part of Lost Girl that the loss you feel is in­tense. Luck­ily, much of the wit usu­ally de­liv­ered by Kenzi seems to have been par­celled out to Tamsin – who teams with Bo to solve crimes, with their bitchy dy­namic ac­tu­ally work­ing well – and Lau­ren, who’s at least 80 per cent more lively this sea­son. It’s hard to be­lieve she’s even dis­tantly re­lated to the drab Lau­ren of the first two years of Lost Girl.

But still, Bo with­out her Kenzi is some­what like Cap­tain Kirk not hav­ing his Dr McCoy ( if that McCoy had killer fash­ion sense and a tongue sharper than a scalpel). On the plus side, at least we’ll have a chance to mourn the loss of Kenzi long be­fore we get to mourn every­body else, spread­ing the grief to make it eas­ier. Jayne Nel­son

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