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DC Comics is head­ing for up­heaval in April as the com­pany puts its en­tire line on hold for two months dur­ing the tur­moil of Con­ver­gence. In place of their regular 52 month­lies, the nine- part weekly Con­ver­gence se­ries will run along­side 40 dif­fer­ent two- is­sue minis­eries. The bold move was partly in­spired by DC’s re­lo­ca­tion from New York to Cal­i­for­nia. “We knew that there were go­ing to be a lot of chal­lenges mov­ing cross­coun­try es­pe­cially as we were hir­ing new ed­i­tors and new staff and get­ting our­selves es­tab­lished on the West Coast,” says co- pub­lisher Dan DiDio. “We started to look at ways we could build some­thing that re­ally cap­i­talises on the his­tory of the DC Uni­verse. We wanted to cre­ate a story that cap­tures the essence of what DC is.”

Con­ver­gence marks the comics de­but of TV writer Jeff King. “The con­cept is that Brainiac has been grab­bing cities at the mo­ment of their de­struc­tion, whether their world ends or their timeline ends, sav­ing them and ex­per­i­ment­ing with them on this planet. That’s what our he­roes from the New 52 find when they land there,” says DiDio, who met King while the writer was tour­ing the DC of­fices. “He was talk­ing about his time on Star­gate and Con­tin­uum. We were talk­ing about time shifts and I started to ex­plain to him the lat­tice of what we’re try­ing to cre­ate with Con­ver­gence. He started to add to the story. I said, ‘ Stop – what’s your sched­ule look like?’”

It’s a gam­ble mess­ing with a suc­cess­ful con­cept like the New 52, but DiDio has faith the fans will go along for the ride. “The fun part is be­ing able to mess with things but un­der­stand­ing what’s im­por­tant and af­ter you fin­ish mess­ing with it, find­ing a way to re­turn it back to its core con­ceit,” he says. “We had some suc­cess when we did Zero Month, Vil­lains’ Month and the Fu­ture’s End five year jump to the fu­ture. Those were a lit­tle dis­rup­tion and we found that they were able to cap­ture fans’ in­ter­est. We learned a lit­tle more each time about what worked and what didn’t.” Con­ver­gence sees the re­turn of a host of char­ac­ters that pre- date the New 52, in­clud­ing Cas­san­dra Cain, the clas­sic Marvel Fam­ily, the Free­dom Fighters, and more. “I like to think that ev­ery char­ac­ter is some­body’s favourite,” says DiDio. “The re­al­ity is that we’re al­ways dip­ping our toe in that wa­ter, bring­ing back old char­ac­ters, old ideas, old con­ceits to see whether it reignites peo­ple’s in­ter­est in a sto­ry­line, a char­ac­ter, or an idea. This is putting it all on the ta­ble at the same time and show­ing all your cards.”

Con­ver­gence is­sue 0 is re­leased on 1 April.

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