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NNa­tive Chicagoan Howard Sher­man be­gan his ca­reer in re­gional theatre, be­fore mov­ing on to Broad­way and break­ing into tele­vi­sion with a role on Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal in 1973. Other soaps fol­lowed, which led to guest- star­ring roles on tele­vi­sion and along­side Kather­ine Hep­burn in Grace Quigley. In 1985, Sher­man por­trayed “Bub”, the zom­bie with a per­son­al­ity in Ge­orge Romero’s Day Of The Dead, for which he is ar­guably best known. Since then, Howard ( who now works un­der the in­verted name Sher­man Howard) has guest­starred on Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion, Deep Space Nine, Quan­tum Leap, Miami Vice, among many oth­ers, and had re­cur­ring roles on Good & Evil, and on Su­per­boy as Lex Luthor.

Though he still works in front of the cam­era of­ten, Howard has also been do­ing quite a bit of voice act­ing for videogames and an­i­ma­tion, in­clud­ing Star Wars: The Old Repub­lic, In­vader Zim and Bat­man Be­yond. He’s mar­ried to actress Donna Bul­lock and lives in Cal­i­for­nia.

Would you like to play Bub again?

Def­i­nitely! As long as I had some­thing to do like in Day Of The Dead where he had a per­son­al­ity and a char­ac­ter arc. I wouldn’t want to just lum­ber around eat­ing peo­ple.

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve had from a fan?

I signed a girl’s ass once, and she was go­ing to then go and have the sig­na­ture tat­tooed.

What would Bub be do­ing now?

Rid­ing a mo­tor­cy­cle and writ­ing zom­bie po­etry.

any­thing you think was un­fin­ished about Bub’s story?

Sure, his story ended with an el­lip­sis rather than a pe­riod – a mo­ment of zom­bie irony. I think he had a lot more story in him. Maybe he was a beat poet or a de­frocked priest be­fore he was killed.

Did you get any sou­venirs from the set?

I got my zom­bie teeth! I still have them.

any­thing from Day Of The Dead you wish was real?

Noth­ing I can think of. I guess I’d like to have my own he­li­copter.

What does i t say on Bub’s grave­stone?

Keep walk­ing!

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