Wyld At Heart

Brian Lynch goes back to the fu­ture with Bill & Ted. Ex­cel­lent!

SFX: The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Magazine - - Red Alert - Bill & Ted’s Most Tri­umphant Re­turn is avail­able later this month.

Al­most 25 years sinc e Keanu Reeves and Alex Win­ter played their last air gui­tar so­los in Bill & Ted’s Bo­gus Jour­ney, the two head­bangers are rocking out again in Bill & Ted’s Most Tri­umphant Re­turn, a new six- is­sue minis­eries from Boom! Stu­dios and writer Brian Lynch. “It takes place five sec­onds af­ter Bo­gus Jour­ney and hits the ground run­ning,” says Lynch. “All our favourite char­ac­ters are back and we ad­vance their sto­ries. But it’s also a story about two best friends who go on this huge adventure and, even if you don’t know the movies, it’s a fun ride so new read­ers won’t be lost.”

The tale be­gins af­ter Wyld Stal­lyns’ tri­umphant per­for­mance at the Battle of the Bands and the world wants to see what Bill and Ted will do to top it. “They’ve played their one song in front of the en­tire planet, and the en­tire planet loves it… and im­me­di­ately wants more,” says Lynch. “With the at­ten­tion of lit­er­ally ev­ery­one on Earth, in­clud­ing their new wives, their sons, aliens, and Death him­self, Bill and Ted have to fig­ure out what to do next.”

Their so­lu­tion is to travel for­ward in time and learn about their own ex­ploits from his­tory. In the fu­ture they run into the teenage Chuck De No­mo­los, their arch- en­emy from Bo­gus Jour­ney. “It’s Bill and Ted in the fu­ture fig­ur­ing out what Bill and Ted in the past were sup­posed to do, all the while help­ing Chuck De No­mo­los so he doesn’t kill them when he’s older. That’s just the start. There’s hop­ping all over dif­fer­ent time pe­ri­ods, al­ter­nate re­al­i­ties, the end of time it­self. It gets pretty epic.” Most non­heinous in­deed.

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