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The num­ber and di­ver­sity now is pretty over­whelm­ing. But it doesn’t have be. No­body has watch all of the movies from all of the fran­chises. Just pick one or two and ap­pre­ci­ate them. There has be di­ver­sity, be­cause au­di­ences ex­pect much more di­ver­sity now.

Sam White­house I am still en­joy­ing the cur­rent crop of su­per­hero films, it’s the TV se­ries like Flash and Ar­row that I can’t keep up with. The chance film­mak­ers have th­ese days to tell a story over sev­eral films is great, Marvel cer­tainly has given DC some­thing to aim for, I just hope they have not set the bar too high. Can we have too much of a good thing? Yes of course, but en­joy it while it lasts – maybe Kings­man and Bond will kick off a new spy boom, and su­per­heroes will go out of fash­ion!

Gary Pratt I am get­ting bored with su­per­hero films. Am so glad Kings­man is out as it’ll be a re­lief to see a non-Marvel, no- su­per­hero comic book­based film as it feels an age since the last one. Gotham is great and they should be do­ing more like that – a spin on an old idea or view­ers may get bored. It’s Star Wars I’m wor­ried about as there might be too many out over next few years. They should spread them out more and so should Marvel. We would pre­fer five over 10 years than the same thing ev­ery sum­mer.

Don­ald J Makin The Marvel cin­e­matic uni­verse could po­ten­tially run for years. One way to keep it fresh would be not to rely on the same old faces

“I’m get­ting bored with su­per­hero films. Am so glad Kings­man is out”

and bring in new char­ac­ters, or they could sim­ply re­cast ev­ery few years like James Bond. DC have a long way to catch up if they ever do. Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn Of Jus­tice could make or break them. The Dis­ney takeover could be the best thing to hap­pen to Star Wars with new films ev­ery year rather than Ge­orge Lu­cas tin­ker­ing with and re- re­leas­ing the orig­i­nal tril­ogy over and over again.

Robert Wil­liam Gra­ham It’s all about mak­ing more money long- term now, as op­posed to the short- term re­turns stu­dios used to look for. If a com­pany thinks it can get the au­di­ence to pay to see three films in­stead of one, it will. I think too, that Dis­ney have too many Star Wars plans, but they want a re­turn on their mas­sive in­vest­ment, I guess.

Neil Tex Hick­man The only peo­ple that think The Hob­bit was too much over three films are those that read the book. The rest are none the wiser. In fact, I’d say that if you picked the book up and saw how thin it was, you could prob­a­bly guess there’s not enough for three films. But I kind of liked them my­self.

Gary Slow­burn Sadly it ap­pears that more movies will be split in two or more parts. Lower cinema au­di­ences have led to gim­micks like 3D to boost rev­enue and now split­ting films to get dou­ble the box of­fice. This will con­tinue to the point that peo­ple will get priced out and ei­ther wait for the disc or on­line ver­sion, or just il­le­gally down­load. It’s short­sighted. Films used to make money by peo­ple see­ing them mul­ti­ple times at the cinema, but then tick­ets were a lot cheaper.

Mark Howe Marvel doesn’t bother me too much. You’re talk­ing a bunch of movies fea­tur­ing sep­a­rate main char­ac­ters, from source ma­te­rial that has been go­ing around for decades. But The Hob­bit def­i­nitely dragged out more than it needed to be.

Danny Shi­flet The rea­son that TV se­ries have be­come such hot prop­erty over the last few years is that view­ers are be­com­ing more at­tuned to em­pa­thy. By this I mean we are in­volved with the on- screen char­ac­ters and want to see them progress on­wards with no twohour time limit. This men­tal­ity is now be­ing trans­ferred onto the big screen where the same sit­u­a­tion oc­curs. Avengers and Win­ter Sol­dier were bril­liant but where does Steve go next and, by the way, what about Bucky? Fran­chises are be­com­ing less of a tired money- spin­ner and more of a de­sired con­tin­u­a­tion of sto­ries and char­ac­ters.

nikeaross Loved the three Hob­bit movies, def­i­nitely the right thing to do as it gives the story more room for drama and char­ac­ter mo­ments. Slightly wor­ried that the DC sched­ule is far too thin, while the Marvel one is a tad too thick and some films may be skipped to save money.

Rachel Red­head

Colin Firth dressed to thrill, but will we see more of Kings­man’s ilk?

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