“DC’s movie plans could sink the su­per­hero genre”

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I like what Marvel and DC have been do­ing, es­pe­cially Marvel’s foray into TV. DC hasn’t fig­ured out the mo­tion pic­ture world yet, with the ex­cep­tion of the Dark Knight tril­ogy. Would rather Marvel get con­trol of the prop­er­ties that Fox has con­trol of. With a few ex­cep­tions, most no­tably the ear­lier X- Men movies, there has been a lot of wrong done to some fine char­ac­ters.

Michael O’Con­nell

Thanks to all for your in­tel­li­gent re­sponses. Me, I don’t see too many prob­lems with lots of Marvel films, for in­stance, be­cause they can be gen­er­ally be en­joyed as stand­alone ad­ven­tures. What bugs me is all this split­ting the fi­nal part of a tril­ogy in two – that all too of­ten smacks of des­per­ately wring­ing cash from fans and usu­ally makes for a very bor­ing and un­sat­is­fy­ing Part 1.


Just read the strangest thing: The Other Dead has been picked up for TV. Not that strange as the comic is pretty fun and has a good premise. The strange bit is that it’s been op­tioned by An­i­mal Planet. Re­ally? This could be a step too far. It might be in­spired but this could be more Z Na­tion than Walk­ing Dead if dealt with by peo­ple who don’t have any deal­ings with genre shows. Could be fun to see, though.

Mike Gar­ner, Moorends

I’d never heard of The Other Dead un­til I looked it up just then. Zom­bie an­i­mals? Hah, sounds a laugh! ( Oh how I wish I could res­ur­rect Sher­bert, my child­hood guinea pig. Where are you Sher­bert, where are you…?)


I en­joyed your in­ter­view with Billy Con­nolly in SFX 257, talk­ing about fly­ing Peter Jack­son’s World War Two planes with Stephen Fry. It made me hope for a fu­ture Peter Jack­son movie in­volv­ing warbirds, per­haps in an al­ter­na­tive his­tory or retro- fu­tur­is­tic set­ting. Hmmm…

David Mur­dock

Just the one? He’d surely be look­ing at three films at least, maybe seven.


I wasn’t that in­ter­ested in Kings­man be­fore but hav­ing read the ar­ti­cle in your lat­est is­sue I’ve changed my mind. Just one worry though – is it go­ing to be as filled with as many ex­ple­tives as Kick­Ass be­cause that re­ally took away from my en­joy­ment of that film.

Shark Oh, it’s as weari­somely potty mouthed as you’d ex­pect, and a very de­serv­ing 15 – in fact, no one over that age should see its soul­less, ju­ve­nile, smug an­tics.


Did ev­ery­one else see an ac­tion man Alan Carr in this pic­ture from your story on Kings­man in is­sue 257, or was that just me?

Harold Okafor- Withers

Not just you!


I watched At­lantis al­ways hop­ing it would get a bit bet­ter, but it never re­ally got go­ing as well as I had hoped. Still, it was a lot bet­ter than that in­sipid Robin Hood they did a few years ago. The Beeb need to get on board with a Star Wars type thing ready for the end of the year to cash in on the new movie furore in De­cem­ber.

Keith Heeney While the show never re­ally man­aged to live up to the po­ten­tial it seemed to have on pa­per and can­cel­la­tion isn’t a to­tal sur­prise, it does seem like the BBC is start­ing to de­velop Fox- like can­cel­la­tion re­flexes, what with this, In The Flesh and even Rip­per Street ( yeah, not genre, I know, but an­other big hit­ter that got spiked).

Steve Jewess

I guess “ev­ery­thing has its time and ev­ery­thing dies”. Let’s hope they at least give the show a proper wrap- up.


First of all I want to apol­o­gise for my lousy English, I’m writ­ing from Mex­ico.

I’m just 45 years old, I’ve been a fan of Doc­tor Who since Tom Baker; what a won­der­ful child­hood I had, re­ally!

This last Christ­mas was a very sad Christ­mas for all my fam­ily and my­self. We all were cel­e­brat­ing and about ten o’clock in the night one of my cousins fell down and died in front of all of us. He was 56 years old and he hadn’t seen the whole fam­ily for a cou­ple of years and see­ing all of us was one of his wishes this year.

So, we spend Christ­mas at a fu­neral, and on Boxing Day we fin­ished all the fu­neral ser­vices; some of my friends spend the rest of the day with me un­til the next day, the 27th, when I re­alised I hadn’t seen the Doc­tor Who Christ­mas Spe­cial. What can I tell you? It made cry, for my cousin it was his “Last Christ­mas”. But it was for all of us, wasn’t it?

I was re­ally wor­ried that Christ­mas will never be the same af­ter this year, but the mes­sage that the Doc­tor taught us this year was the right one and made it a very spe­cial hol­i­day, one Christ­mas I’ll never for­get and I’ll trea­sure for­ever not be­cause my dear cousin died, but be­cause I could see him happy for a one last Christ­mas with all his fam­ily.

Ig­na­cio Loranca, Mex­ico

Amen to that, Ig­na­cio.


I’m wary of DC’s movie plans. They could sink the whole su­per­hero movie genre! The rush into their own ver­sion of The Avengers seemed bad enough. But a new Joker de­but­ing out­side of a Bat­man film? Will Smith as Dead­shot? I’m un­sure about this…

Neil Hick­man

Fair points, and the ru­moured Sin­is­ter Six film wor­ries me too. Can vil­lains on their own re­ally make a com­plete movie?


New X- Files? Don’t bother. It went on five sea­sons too long first time, and is now the poster child for a once- loved show that car­ried on too long – now I can’t stand to watch it at all. Leave an­other ten years and then re­boot it. Make sure you have the lead ac­tors signed for a full run so they don’t jump ship.

Pa­trick Coyne

Got to be bet­ter than an­other se­ries of The X Fac­tor though. Files over Fac­tor any day.

What’s to come the day af­ter the Knight be­fore?

Next month: Gra­ham Nor­ton as Daniel Craig.

At­lantis: limp­ing to a con­clu­sion?

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