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Simon Kalje (“There has al­ways been a bal­ance to be struck by stu­dios with re­gards to whether to plug a good and well known money- mak­ing fran­chise un­til they get ev­ery penny they can, or to pro­duce some­thing of qual­ity that peo­ple will re­mem­ber as great but not nec­es­sar­ily make the stu­dio a lot of money”); Jo­hana Mandy Bag­gins ( ar­gu­ing that The Hob­bit needed more films: “Enough to have more of Bilbo, who is the bloody main char­ac­ter. Enough to fit in more scenes with him and Martin Free­man’s per­for­mance”);

Alexan­dra Haines (“I liked the three Hob­bit movies, but the story didn’t need to be split into three movies, and we re­ally didn’t need a love story to pad things out”); Gary A Valen­zuela (“Of course we want more, but that doesn’t mean less qual­ity. Some di­ver­sity is needed as well!”); Jon Karani (“The Hob­bit could’ve been two movies, in­stead they de­cided to tell a story that wasn’t The Hob­bit over the course of three”);

Simon Den­sham (“We need to start go­ing to films which are more in­ter­est­ing and di­verse! You don’t need big spe­cial ef­fects to make a good sci- fi film”); Daniel South­would (“The new Harry Pot­ter film could work in the same way the Marvel uni­verse does, with lots of in­ter­est­ing, over­lap­ping sto­ries set against a fan­tas­ti­cal back­drop”); Paul Ker­cal (“DC aren’t even in the race. Bet­ting the foun­da­tion on Zack Sny­der is only go­ing to re­sult in a 2019 re­boot by an­other hack”); Terry West­mor­land (“Cloud At­las, Lucy, Pre­des­ti­na­tion, The Giver – th­ese are movies worth talk­ing about. Hob­bits and Star Wars and men in tights are hol­i­day car­toons – not sci- fi”); Bob Pierce ( com­plain­ing that UK Su­per­nat­u­ral fans have been “starved”); Gary Wat­son ( sug­gest­ing other YA fic­tion to be turned into Hol­ly­wood movies); and many, many more…

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