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Aliens Among Us

1 The 2012 in­va­sion was at the heart of The X- Files’ mythol­ogy, and though the year may have passed Greg Bird doesn’t want the mys­tery to be forgotten: “Ex­plain why the in­va­sion never took place. Or that it did and they are among us…” Ooh, now that we like.

New World Or­der

2 A lot has changed since The X- Files was on the air – so­cial net­work­ing, cam­era phones and YouTube were ei­ther pipe dreams or in their in­fancy. Craig Oxbrow wants the new sea­son to re­flect the world we live in. “Episodes ad­dress­ing changes to the world since – how much did Wik­ileaks ex­pose about the con­spir­acy, for ex­am­ple?”

New Blood…

3 Mul­der and Scully were at the top of most peo­ple’s lists, but you’d also like to see some fresh faces at the FBI. “Mul­der and Scully help­ing new agents carry on where they left off in­ves­ti­gat­ing the X- Files. And Doggett as the new head of the FBI,” says Robert Wil­liam Gra­ham.

… And Familiar Faces

4 Deaths and un­ex­plained dis­ap­pear­ances be damned! You want the old guard to make mirac­u­lous re­turns for the new sea­son. “Tooms has to come back in the new se­ries, as do the Lone Gun­men!” says Gary Pratt.

Freaks Of The Week

5 A shorter, arc- driven sea­son or a full mon­ster of the week show? A con­sen­sus may not have been forth­com­ing, but opin­ion veered to­wards in­di­vid­ual cases tak­ing prece­dence over a sea­son­long story. “Freak- of- the- week episodes. Fewer plot arcs con­cern­ing black oil, bees and what have you. Bring back the ex­cite­ment,” says FlangeBadger.

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