Jeff Bridges

Mas­ter Gre­gory in Sev­enth Son

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What ap­pealed to you about this project? I’m a big fan of mythol­ogy and I saw this as a chance to make a mod­ern- day myth. Also it talks about good and evil, and my ideas of good and evil are they’re the same side of the same coin. I ran across a quote that set me off and thought if we can ac­com­plish turn­ing peo­ple on to this idea this would be some­thing I would like to be in­volved with. This is from one of [ direc­tor] Sergei Bo­drov’s coun­try­men, Alek­sandr Solzhen­it­syn: “If only it were all so sim­ple! If only there were evil peo­ple some­where in­sid­i­ously com­mit­ting evil deeds, and it were nec­es­sary only to sep­a­rate them from the rest of us and de­stroy them. But the line di­vid­ing good and evil cuts through the heart of ev­ery hu­man be­ing. And who is will­ing to de­stroy a piece of his own heart?” That rang true for me and is ev­i­dent in the world we live in to­day, and cer­tainly in the past. It’s a work in progress for us as hu­man be­ings. As an artist, I see it as part of our task to help bring that dream of peace about.

What was your best day on set? I re­mem­ber work­ing in Al­berta, and we had such a wild time on the top of the world. There’s a place men­tioned in the script called Pen­dell Moun­tain, and Sergei found Pen­dell Moun­tain! There’s no CGI re­quired! There it is! Boom! We went there and shot. We had a wild time be­ing he­li­coptered in there. It was ter­rific. Tara Bennett

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