Take A Bow

Five more of our favourite SF and fan­tasy archers

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The daugh­ter of Blade’s tech bloke, vam­pire hunter Abigail Whistler can fire at 315 feet per sec­ond and can “shoot round cor­ners” – or, at least, bounce an ar­row off a con­ve­niently placed fire ex­tin­guisher.


Oliver Queen’s par­ents died when his hes­i­ta­tion to shoot led to a maul­ing by li­ons. Later in life he had to mas­ter a bow to sur­vive af­ter be­ing stranded on a re­mote is­land. Over the years his ar­se­nal has in­cluded drill ar­rows, glue ar­rows and – our fave – the boxing glove ar­row.

HAWK­EYE Marvel Comics

Clint Bar­ton took up archery af­ter es­cap­ing from an or­phan­age and join­ing a trav­el­ling cir­cus. His draw­strength is 250lbs – im­pres­sive con­sid­er­ing that male Olympic archers only pull back about 50lbs.

SU­SAN PEVEN­SIE The Chron­i­cles Of Nar­nia

We’re not sure 12- year- old Su­san should get much credit re­ally, since in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Fa­ther Christ­mas presents her with a mag­i­cal bow which “does not eas­ily miss”. Now, that’s just cheat­ing.

JONATHAN ARCHER Star Trek: En­ter­prise

Spit­ting in the face of nom­i­na­tive de­ter­min­ism, the cap­tain of the NX- 01 is no use with a bow… but he could p rob­a­bly t ake y ou o ut from 50 yards with a wa­ter polo ball.

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