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All at sea

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2014 | 18 | Blu- ray/ DVD Direc­tor: Jaume Bala­gueró Cast: Manuela Velasco, Is­mael Fritschi, Paco Man­zanedo, Héc­tor Colomé

To date the

[ REC] se­ries has proven a sur­pris­ingly ver­sa­tile beast. The first is a shaky- cam clas­sic, the sec­ond an adrenalised ac­tion se­quel and the third an out­landish hor­ror com­edy that even dis­pensed with the found footage for­mat. Sadly, there’s lit­tle ev­i­dence of the se­ries’ ad­mirable abil­ity to rein­vent it­self in Apoca­lypse, a film en­tirely con­tent to re­tread old ground.

A di­rect se­quel to [ REC] 2, it finds Án­gela Vi­dal – news re­porter turned re­luc­tant hero of the first two films – held aboard a ship where work is un­der­way on find­ing a cure for the in­fec­tion. Be­fore you know it things turn bitey.

Án­gela’s re­turn is a wel­come one, her Ri­p­ley- es­que evo­lu­tion is fun to watch, and the set­ting is strong – the claus­tro­pho­bic ship in­te­ri­ors lend­ing them­selves to some tense set­pieces. But it all feels so lack­lus­tre. Like [ REC] 3, the film aban­dons found footage in favour of more tra­di­tional cam­er­a­work, but it isn’t re­motely scary as a re­sult. The story is Zom­bie Movie 101, and that Apoca­lypse sub­ti­tle prom­ises much more than a film of this bud­get can come close to de­liv­er­ing.

Save for some cre­ative kills with a mo­tor­boat en­gine there’s lit­tle to rec­om­mend here. The end­ing hints that there could be more [ REC] to come, but based on Apoca­lypse the se­ries is bet­ter off dead.

Ex­tras: A 26- minute Mak­ing Of only note­wor­thy for the fact that Manuela Velasco hosts it in char­ac­ter as Án­gela Vi­dal. Jor­dan Far­ley

She was very protective of the fire ex­tin­guisher.

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