Starry Eyes

Faus­tian act

SFX - - DVD & Blu-Ray -

Re­lease Date: 16 March

2014 | 18 | DVD Di­rec­tors: Kevin Kölsch, Den­nis Wid­myer Cast: Alexan­dra Es­soe, Amanda Fuller, Fabi­anne Therese, Pat Healy, Marc Sen­ter

Back in 1968

it was ac­tor Guy Wood­house’s con­sum­ing am­bi­tion which led to the Sa­tanic im­preg­na­tion of his wife, Rose­mary. In Starry Eyes, strug­gling Sarah ( Alex Es­soe) pro­ceeds down a par­al­lel path. Af­ter au­di­tion­ing for a role in hor­ror film The Si­lent Scream, she dis­cov­ers more is ex­pected of her – and not just the fail­ure to flinch when an aged pro­ducer paws her thigh. Suc­cess re­quires sac­ri­fice.

Starry Eyes’ cen­tral metaphor isn’t ex­actly sub­tle. Hol­ly­wood is evil. Movie stars are prac­ti­cally a dif­fer­ent species. Sell­ing out is sell­ing your soul.

As the road ahead is straight and clear, the jour­ney to Sarah’s ul­ti­mate des­ti­na­tion takes a tad too long, drag­ging a lit­tle once she starts to de­scend into Cro­nen­ber­gian bod­ily dis­in­te­gra­tion. But it all pays off even­tu­ally, thanks to some eye­pop­pingly graphic vi­o­lence. And what could have been an un­remit­tingly grim ex­er­cise is leav­ened with dry hu­mour, with Pat Healy par­tic­u­larly amus­ing as the owner of the cheesy fast- food joint where Sarah earns a crust.

Best of all, though, is Jonathan Snipes’s throb­bing synth score. Sure, it’s fla­grantly a homage to John Car­pen­ter, but it’s suf­fi­ciently sleek to tran­scend mere pas­tiche.

Ex­tras: Com­men­tary by the di­rec­tors and a pro­ducer; 10 deleted scenes; Es­soe’s au­di­tion tape; a mu­sic video; gallery; trailer. Ian Ber­ri­man

Sue’s cut- price tent had once again col­lapsed in the night.

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