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2009 | 15 | DVD

Star Trek’s Zoe Sal­dana has a sup­port­ing role as a kooky young psy­chic in this rather dull ghost story; pre­vi­ously ti­tled The Skep­tic, it’s noth­ing to do with the 1963 clas­sic of the same name di­rected by Robert Wise. Tim Daly plays an ar­ro­gant lawyer who in­her­its a Vic­to­rian man­sion from an aunt, then is plagued by strange vi­sions and doors that open and shut of their own ac­cord as a child­hood se­cret works its way to the sur­face… To its credit, the film doesn’t rely too heav­ily on cheap jump shocks, but it doesn’t do any­thing par­tic­u­larly orig­i­nal ei­ther, and looks like it was made for TV.

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