Jus­tice League: Throne Of At­lantis

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2015 | 15 | Blu- ray Direc­tor: Ethan Spauld­ing Cast: Matt Lan­ter, Sam Witwer, Ja­son O’Mara, She­mar Moore The “Let’s Con­vince Every­body That Aqua­man Is Cool” project con­tin­ues with this lat­est an­i­ma­tion from DC and Warner. A se­quel to last year’s Jus­tice League: War, Throne Of At­lantis marks the sec­ond an­i­mated ap­pear­ance of the New 52- era Jus­tice League and shows lots of ways for the up­com­ing live- ac­tion Aqua­man movie to go dis­as­trously wrong.

When an attack on a sub­ma­rine re­veals the ex­is­tence of At­lantis, con­flict be­tween the ocean- dwellers and the sur­face seems in­evitable. Only long- lost heir to the At­lantean throne Arthur Curry has a chance of bring­ing peace. Of course, this is achieved through ex­ten­sive ( and seem­ingly end­less) fight se­quences.

Throne Of At­lantis cranks up the ac­tion but rarely con­jures any real ex­cite­ment. The pompous Aqua­man- re­lated drama isn’t helped by creaky dia­logue, and the un­even tone veers from daft un­der­wa­ter fan­tasy to bloody vi­o­lence and out- of- place swear­ing. The set­pieces are bland, and the Jus­tice League come across as bickering jack­asses. Ul­ti­mately, this feels like a ma­jor step back­wards for DC’s usu­ally re­li­able an­i­mated movies.

Ex­tras: Fea­turettes on the vil­lains ( 12 min­utes) and the score ( 30 min­utes); a bonus se­quence star­ring Robin and Nightwing; Comic- Con panel ( 27 min­utes); four bonus episodes of old toons; a pre­view of the next DC Uni­verse movie. Saxon Bul­lock

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