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1989 | PG | DVD

Rea­sons to watch Moontrap: 1) to see Star Trek’s Chekov and The Evil Dead’s Ash team up, 2) to howl abuse at its lu­di­crous con­trivances and cheesy dia­logue.

Wal­ter Koenig and Bruce Camp­bell play wise- crack­ing space shut­tle pi­lots who say “hell” a lot. The plot sends them to a 14,000 year- old lu­nar base to fight killer ro­bots that emerge, Alien- style, from pods and build bod­ies out of scrap.

The ef­fects are ropey ( a good kick would see off the ro­bots); the sex­ual pol­i­tics are du­bi­ous ( 20 min­utes af­ter meet­ing, a mute moon babe dis­robes to canoo­dle with Koenig); and the script is glar­ingly ab­sent of fore­shad­ow­ing, ex­pla­na­tions or ba­sic com­mon sense. Moontrap is wink­ingly aware that it’s B- movie baloney, but that doesn’t ex­cuse mak­ing a movie this spec­tac­u­larly stupid.

Ex­tras: None. Ian Ber­ri­man

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