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Re­lease Date: OUT NOW! For­mat: PS4 ( also avail­able on Xbox One, PC) Pub­lisher: 2K

When the co- op tac­ti­cal shoot­ing comes to­gether, this mon­ster hunter is an ex­cit­ing thrill ride through lush, dense and danger­ous alien lands. When played alone or with a group of self­ish team- mates, it too of­ten falls apart, re­sult­ing in bor­ing fights and repet­i­tive move­ments from stage to stage. With such a fo­cus on play­ing with friends in 4v1 matches, it’s even more of a shame that the mon­sters them­selves are fan­tas­tic to fight, but less fun to por­tray.

The sci- fi feels in­spired by the Alien fran­chise, and not only be­cause you’re so fo­cused on a cen­tral mon­ster. The rag- tag team of four ban­ter- heavy hun­ters strad­dles a line be­tween James Cameron’s gung- ho marines and the bounty hun­ters from 2011’ s mad shooter Bul­let­storm. Sadly, Evolve never comes close to best­ing ei­ther of its in­spi­ra­tions.

As a four- player co- op ex­pe­ri­ence, Evolve of­ten hits its mark, de­liv­er­ing thrilling bat­tles that are chal­leng­ing, tac­ti­cal and dy­namic when play­ing as the hun­ters. As a hu­mans vs mu­tant ex­pe­ri­ence, how­ever, Evolve is im­bal­anced. Matches them­selves be­come repet­i­tive very quickly. Oc­ca­sion­ally we had a con­test that was fraught, with fran­tic back- and­forth as each team gained ad­van­tages be­fore it slipped quickly back into un­cer­tainty, but th­ese kinds of matches are in­fre­quent.

Like the game’s dy­namic cam­paign, Evolve feels like a se­quence of con­stantly shift­ing fac­tors that are ready to make or break the over­all ex­pe­ri­ence. The dice rolls in the game’s favour more of­ten than not, but it’s a close call. Sam White Want to buy ev­ery bit of cos­metic DLC avail­able for Evolve? No prob­lem – as long as you have US$ 137 to spend on cos­tumes.

Pair of look­ers.

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