The Leg­end Of Zelda: Ma­jora’s Mask 3D

Dark Side Of The Moon

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Re­lease Date: 9 March For­mat: 3DS Pub­lisher: Nin­tendo

The Leg­end Of Zelda se­ries has never been one to shy away from the weird, but Ma­jora’s Mask is un­doubt­edly the most un­usual en­try. It’s also among the very best.

Ter­mina is a doomed land. A men­ac­ing, gri­mac­ing moon is plum­met­ing to­wards the ground and will de­stroy ev­ery­thing in three days un­less boy hero Link can put a stop to it. To aid him in his quest Link seeks out a col­lec­tion of masks that im­bue him with new pow­ers, al­low­ing him to con­verse with the un­dead or trans­form into one of three races in mo­ments of trau­matic body hor­ror. It’s strange, sin­is­ter and scary. But it’s also wildly in­ven­tive.

Amazingly, 15 years later it feels more in­ven­tive than the day the N64 game came out. The ground­break­ing, Ground­hog Day- style sys­tem – which sees Link re­peat the same three days over and over again by trav­el­ling back in time – is in­spired, giv­ing you tense time lim­its to com­plete dun­geons and al­low­ing for an un­usu­ally in­ti­mate in­sight into the daily rou­tines of Ter­mina’s weird and won­der­ful in­hab­i­tants.

The orig­i­nal game was a melan­choly master­piece hin­dered only by its hard­ware. This 3DS port up­dates the vi­su­als, cor­rects nig­gling frame rate is­sues and tweaks a few of the boss bat­tles for the bet­ter. It’s the de­fin­i­tive ver­sion, well worth play­ing again if your last ex­pe­ri­ence was in 2000, and all but es­sen­tial if this is your first time. Jor­dan Far­ley Ma­jora’s Mask was made in lit­tle over a year – noth­ing com­pared to its pre­de­ces­sor’s five years in devel­op­ment.

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